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Profile sheathing

Thermoplastic adhesives meet the high demands of the furniture and interior design industry.

  • Quick application,
  • Difficult shaped profiles
  • Low and high temperature resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Roller coating, slot coating, no contact extrusion or spray applications

PU hot melt adhesives

PU hot melt adhesives (polyurethane) enable our customers to use them for a wider range of applications:

  • Not only physical setting, but also chemical cross-linking
  • Higher temperature, chemical and moisture resistance up to 140 °Celsius
  • Bonds a wide range of metals and plastics, such as PO, PE, PP, PET, PS and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate hotmelt adhesives and polyolefin):
  • PU hotmelt adhesives are based on thermoplastics and plastics or resins with an additional crosslinking agent.
  • High green strength directly after cooling.
  • Temperature resistance up to 90 °C (EVA) / 120 °C (PO) / 140 °C (PU)
    PU hotmelt adhesives offer many advantages over solvent-based polyurethane adhesives
    High-speed wrapping of CPL, papers, special veneers and thermoplastic films (PE, PP, EVA, PO) into profiles made of metal, plastics, wood, wood-based materials, PVC and aluminum
  • High adhesive green strength
  • Line speeds up to 70m/min
  • Very fast-setting hot-melt PU properties
    Wrapping of HPL, CPL, thermoplastic and difficult-to-bond foils, thick veneers and paper/cardboard on wooden substrates, aluminum, metal and PVC profiles
  • Universally applicable PU hotmelt
  • Standard range of adhesives that are RAL GZ 716 e-certified for wrapping window profiles
    -for high-strength bonding of wood-based materials
    -thick decorative papers,
    Interior veneers
    High stickiness
    Heat storage capacity up to over 160 °C
  • Deep-freeze resistance down to -45 °C