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Wood adhesives for complete systems

The woodworking sector is an important area for Intercol and therefore we have a wide range of high-performance hot melt and water-based adhesives for many different applications, such as edge banding, profile wrapping, complete lines and lamination.

Automated production lines

Adhesives for complete lines are typically used when wood is put into a machine and flat-packed furniture comes out the other end. Two products are used in this process, one of which acts like a primer or joint filler. If you look at the side of a chipboard, you will notice that it has lots of small gaps/cavities where the wood chips fit together. The first adhesive - which usually has a very high viscosity, is very hard and highly filled - is only used to fill and smooth these gaps.
The second adhesive acts a bit like a profile wrapping adhesive, but is applied over the first adhesive to bond the finished edge, laminate or profile to the structure.

Filled and unfilled hot melt adhesives

EHM 9544 is one of our adhesives that acts as a primer/filler and EHM 9884 is often used as a secondary adhesive due to its versatility (laminating, profile wrapping, edge banding, etc.).

EHM 9544 is a hot melt adhesive developed as a highly filled adhesive for filling joints and irregularities in the edges of chipboard or similar wood-based products. The adhesive offers a short open time and low surface tack.

Optimum laminating hotmelt adhesive

EHM 9884 is an unfilled hotmelt adhesive developed for laminating applications in the woodworking industry. EHM 9884 offers good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, high green strength and can also be used as a low viscosity profile wrapping product.

Wood adhesives for automated production lines

Advice for your specific machine

Certain woodworking applications are not always easy to understand, so we recommend that you contact us first so that we can determine the ideal adhesive for your application.